Tue, Jan 16, 2018
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Facewash Alovera / Gels

1. ELOMIST ( Daily face wash with Skin Brightening )Aloe Vera gel 50%- Tamatar ras 3.0%-(Mulethi 5.0%- Methiks 3.0%-Manjishtha 3.0%)Soybean 0.5%-Almond oil 0.1%-Wheat germ oil 0.1%-Grape seed oil 0.1% - Rosemary oil 0.05%-Honey 0.2% - Fruit AHA-Vit C-Permitted base - Aqua 50 ml
2. ELOAC( Daily face Wash with Anti Acne Formula )Aloe vera gel 30%. Cinnamon 2%. Calendula 0.2%.Methica 1%.Tea tree oil 0.05%.Chamomile 0.05%.Rosemary 0.05%.Carbomer.SLS.Propylene-TEA 50 ml
3. ELO-FAIR(Skin brightening & Anti Wrinkle gel )Aloe Vera gel 40%-Soyabean 2%-Rubia cardifolia 1%- Wheatgerm oil 0.3%-Carbomer- SLC-Propylene Glycol-TEA. 50 ml
4. ELOAC( Anti Acne with Anti Ageing Gel)Aloe Vera gel 40%- Cucumber juice 2.0%-(Jaiphal 0.05%-Lodhra 2.0%- Mulethi 1.0%- Daal chini 2.0%- Manjishtha 1.0%- Methika 1.0%) Tulsi oil 0.01%- Tea tree oil 0.1%- Olive oil0.2%- Vit C and Permitted base- Aqua & Preservatives. 50 ml
5. ELOFIT (Alovera Juice ) 500 ML

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